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RTD Devourer Tank Mk.II RTD Devourer Tank Mk.II

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Double barreled?!

that would be pretty hard to hit anything at a decent range accurately especially a moving target like another armored vehicle which is what tanks are typically designed to combat nowadays (infantry support seems to be an after-thought) as an artillery piece i could see how this could work tho. oh and again the tracks are off the front and rear wheel need to be raised a bit it's a tank/artillery vehicle not a bulldozer.

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Sanchez150894 responds:

yeah, this one was inspired by an old game (Command & Conquer Red Alert 1), where you had a double barreled tank as a heavy one. I made the original concept when I was about 9 or 10! XD
Wow... it seems that I have a professional tank expert in front of me (at least on my screen)! Thank you very much for your help and really helpful reviews!


Rated 4 / 5 stars

pretty good but a few issues

First off there's no practical reason to make it double barreled unless throwing the balance off is your plan :P being double barreled revolver as it is why is there only one cylinder? and only one hammer? also the handle is a little short but i suppose it could work if the wielder works out his wrist a LOT the sight is also off the front post is too long and i can't really see a rear groove but from a non technical stand-point....not bad

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Sanchez150894 responds:

XD You impress me everytime you write a review! Respect and lots of thanks!
I'll keep those details in mind if I design my next revolver ^^
btw: Are you in the army or something like a weapon specialist? Just curious :3

RTD Annihilator Tank RTD Annihilator Tank

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

too many flat surfaces

tanks need angular armor to deflect cannon and RPGs as for the barrel yeah if it's a main battle tank it should be a bit longer and rifled the tracks are a little off as well the front and back wheel should be raised a bit so it can run over crap :D also I see no secondary weapons on it it needs either a coaxial mounted machine gun or a pintle mounted one at a gunner's hatch i see something silvery at the rear but since i can't clearly make it out i won't assume it's the gas tank...but if it is that's a bad place to put it!

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Sanchez150894 responds:

WOAH! now THAT's a really precise and helpful review! thx very much! :3

btw: it's not really the gas tank. It's some kinda external emergency power source for the cannon. (yeah it may shoot laser, but it needs reeeaaally long to recharge it)